At SHIDSA, in collaboration with our esteemed partner, Riobello, we connect the worlds of aesthetics on a personal and professional level. For private customers, we serve as your entryway to the opulent Brazilian haircare industry, where every day can be a "good hair day." We are your dependable partner in enhancing your offerings with top-notch Brazilian hair treatments for salon owners and home users. Together with Riobello, we bring you the best in Brazilian beauty and innovation.

Customer Base

Our products serve a wide range of customers, including professionals and salon owners as well as those who are passionate about haircare and style. Our broad selection of products is made to satisfy the special requirements of both home and salon haircare. We have you covered, whether you're a fan looking for the ideal haircare product or a salon owner hoping to offer first-rate services.

Quality & Innovation

We are committed to providing Brazilian haircare that is exceptional and innovative. We are steadfast in our dedication to excellence and work tirelessly to set higher standards. We use a new 20-minute technology and quality ingredients to create hair treatments that are unique in the market.

Sustainability & Responsibility

Not only are we about beauty, but also about responsibility. Sustainability is a top priority for SHIDSA. We are committed to eco-friendly company practises and are guided by ethical business practises. Join us in our effort to improve attractiveness while safeguarding the environment for upcoming generations.